Get Rid of Skunk Smell in the Basement: 4 DIY Solutions You Need to Know

Getting rid of the skunk smell in the basement can be challenging, but it’s possible! You can install motion-sensitive lights and sprinklers to keep them away from your home. 

The odor may permeate cedar walls or carpeting, but there are ways to neutralize that foul scent and make your basement smell like home again! Let’s explore more about skunk smell in the basement and some super easy DIY you can perform to get rid of them.


How To Find The Skunk Smell In Basement

The first step is determining whether the odor is that of a skunk, rotten egg, or sewer gas. Both gases smell similar, making identification difficult if you only catch a fleeting whiff. This step is critical since different scents indicate different basement gas leaks.

You may have a natural gas leak in your basement if you smell skunks. If you smell rotting eggs, the source is likely to be the piping.

Natural gas is generally odorless, making detection impossible. So a natural gas buildup might suffocate persons or produce a significant explosion; you must be aware of this odor if your home uses natural gas.

The smell is not caused by natural gas; instead, it is caused by a chemical called Mercaptan, which is added to make leaks easier to detect.

What exactly is Mercaptan?

Mercaptan, also known as methanethiol, is a naturally occurring sulfur-containing molecule added to natural gas.

Natural Gas Detector

We recommend putting a natural gas detector in every basement along with your sump pump and alarm. Natural gas leaks are dangerous, and even with Mercaptan, you may not notice them until it is too late.


The Techamor Y201 is a handheld Natural Gas alarm. This alarm is simple to operate and can detect leaks as small as 50 PPM. It runs on AAA batteries and detects propane, methane, and sewage gas.

Natural Gas Leaks Pose Dangers

Basement natural gas leaks are hazardous because the gas can quickly accumulate and create a catastrophic explosion. Sufficient ventilation in your basement is critical to prevent gas accumulation and mold growth.

Small leaks might cause dizziness and migraines, while prominent, long-term leaks can cause your basement to explode.

Skunk Smell in the basement: Fixation

If you detect a skunk smell in the basement, you should first turn off the natural gas. Next, bring a natural gas detector into the basement and inspect the lines for an evident leak source; if you are still trying to discover one and are unfamiliar with home repairs, we recommend hiring a handyman.

Skunk smell in the basement: 4 DIY solutions 

Nobody likes a stinky basement, mainly due to a skunk’s musk. That’s why we’ve put together a list of four handy DIY tips to eliminate that skunk smell in the basement. You can do a few things to stop the skunk smell in the basement. 


Bleach and baking soda

The first method of removing the skunk smell in the basement involves mixing bleach and baking soda. The two react with each other to create chlorine dioxide, which cleans up blood and other bodily fluids. Baking soda absorbs the smell of skunk, while bleach eliminates it. 

You’ll need to leave the mixture in place for a few hours. If you want to try this method, replace the combination every few days.


Vinegar and dryer sheets

Try a different method. You’ll add vinegar to the mix. Dryer sheets are used to trap skunks. Add the vinegar and dryer sheets to an open container. You’ll need to leave this mixture in place for at least a few hours.


The skunk smell in the basement is rather pungent, so it may take more than one try to remove it altogether. Suppose you’d rather seal the mixture inside a closed bag. Be sure to leave the bag open so the smell can dissipate.


Commercial deodorizer

Deodorizers can be used to clean just about any surface in your home. Many deodorizers are also designed to clean the air, too. If the skunk smell in the basement is too strong to remove by wiping it or using a cleaner, you may need to move to a more robust commercial deodorizer. 

You can use a spray or can to eliminate the skunk smell in the basement. Close the doors and windows. Commercial deodorizers are highly effective at removing solid odors. Follow directions and wear protective gear while cleaning with a deodorizer.


Professional cleaner

If the skunk smell has taken up residence in your basement, you may need to call a professional cleaner. 

You can hire a company to come to your home and remove the skunk smell in the basement. Many companies specialize in odor removal and can do the job efficiently and quickly. 


By hiring a professional cleaner, you can rest assured that your basement will be free of skunk smell in no time. You can also visit a local cleaning store, such as The Home Depot, to find cleaners designed to remove the smell of skunk. 

You’ll want to follow the instructions on the label and wear protective gear while cleaning with these products.


The skunk smell in the basement may be challenging to remove. The best way to make your home smell fresher is to clean it regularly with detergents and toilet bowl cleaners.  It also helps keep windows and doors closed when possible and seal any potential chimney leaks.

However, you should always check in; at your home to ensure everything is okay. Once you’re sure everything is okay, you can breathe a sigh of relief and use the DIY solutions listed above to rid your home of that lingering skunk odor.

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