Best Sump Pump For Pool For Easy Water Drainage: Tested & Reviewed

If you are thinking about purchasing a sump pump for pool and can’t figure out which one to buy, you’ve come to the right place. 

A pool cover is a pool’s most useful defense against debris and dirt that can alter its chemistry and make it a swamp during the off-season. Even a high-quality pool cover may become damaged if water leaves, and twigs collect on it during the off-season. 

A good sump pump for the pool is necessary to prevent this from occurring. A sump pump sits on top of the pool cover and removes rainwater. These devices have various flow rates to match weather conditions and pool cover sizes. They might activate and deactivate automatically depending on the water on the cover. 

Sump pumps for pools are manufactured in a variety of styles. Find out about the different types of sump pumps for pools in the following article, and discover what features to look for when searching for the ideal sump pump for pools. 

Best Overall

Wayne Fully Submersible Pool Cover Pump

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Runner Up

Little Giant APCP-1700

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Best Value For Money

Superior Pump 91014

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Budget Pick

Wayne WWB WaterBUG Submersible Pump

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Best Above-Ground

Edou Submersible Pool Cover Pump

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Great little pool cover pump

AgiiMan Pool Cover Pump

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What To Consider When Choosing A Sump Pump For Pool

When choosing a pool cover pump, it is crucial to consider the pump size, flow rate, and cord length, among other things. In this guide, you will learn about these and other significant characteristics.

Manual Vs. Automatic

There are two kinds of pool cover pumps—manual and automatic. An automatic pool cover pump detects when too much water is on top of the pool cover and automatically pumps the water off. 

An automatic pump is an excellent choice if pool owners cannot monitor their pools daily to ensure water does not accumulate, damage the body, or endanger lives. 

On the other hand, the owners must turn on manual pumps manually.

Flow Rate

The flow rates of pool cover pumps vary from 250 gallons per hour (GPH) to 2,500 GPH. The exterior area of the pool cover and the weather conditions of the pool’s location determine which size pump is best. 

850 GPH pumps are used for smaller above-ground and small in-ground pools, while higher flow rates are necessary for larger in-ground pools. 

Climate also has an effect. In areas with a lot of rain, pool cover pumps with higher flow rates are required than those in drier areas. 

Cord Length And Hose Hookup

The pool cover pump’s power cord must be long enough to reach an outdoor GFCI power outlet from the pool’s center. You may use an extension cord to enhance the distance of the pump, but the pump’s line should be sufficiently long to reach the pool deck, reducing the risk of electrocution. 

Aside from cord length, it would help if you consider hose length. While many sump pump for pools use a standard .75-inch garden hose to transport water from the pump to another location, some have dedicated drain hoses. 

The drain hose must be sufficiently long to lead water away from any structures and the pool to a part of the yard.

Fully Submersible

A sump pump for pool can be submerged, making it helpful in removing water from the pool cover and lowering the pool level to prevent overflow during heavy downpours. 

Since water absorbs much noise produced by a pump’s motor and impeller, fully submersible pumps are especially quiet.

How I Chose The Best Sump Pump For Pool

I examined many aspects to pick out the best sump pump for pool. Moreover, I was looking for a pool cover pump to draw out water rapidly, so I chose options with a high flow rate.

On the other hand, I limited my options for inground pools to pumps that could extract a minimum of 1,500 gallons per hour. When selecting above-ground pools, I picked ones that could remove a minimum of 850 gallons per hour.

For the most advanced models, I selected pumps with float switches that can activate and deactivate automatically, removing the pool owner’s need to supervise the pool cover continuously.

Ultimately, I went for models with power cords to reach beyond the area around the pool. Thus, reducing the probability of an electric shock.

Two Types Of Sump Pump For Pool

You must pick the correct pool sump pump before you purchase one. There are two primary kinds of pool pumps. The first type sits on the pool cover and drains rain or groundwater.

The second sort of pump is a traditional one that you put at the bottom of the pool to drain. Some models can drain water off covers and clear the pool if the water level is low enough.

Cover Pump Information

Using a sump pump for pool is a great way to protect your swimming pool from leaves and other airborne debris. You can use cover pumps to remove water from pool covers of any size, saving them from permanent damage and pest infestations. 

Cover pumps sit on top or near the middle of the surface and are usually plastic to keep weight. When the water level rises and reaches a certain level, the pump is activated and drains the water through a hose into your yard or sewer.

Drainage Sump Information

Sometimes, you need to drain your pool rapidly—that’s when a drainage sump pump comes in handy. These pumps drop to the bottom of the pool and pump water out through a hose. Cover pumps are less potent than these pumps because they must pump water to a higher elevation. 

Rather than thermoplastic, these pumps are usually made of solid metal. Therefore, a higher horsepower pump can push more water per hour and handle underwater pressure.

Find Out The Best Sump Pump For Pool


Wayne Fully Submersible Pool Cover Pump

With a large drain hose and automatic design, this sump pump for pool is one of the most efficient ways to keep one’s pool cover dry. It can remove up to 3,000 gallons per hour using a 1.25-inch drain hose or up to 3,000 gallons per hour using a 1.25-inch drain hose and a 0.75-inch garden hose adapter. 

It is also suitable for bigger pools due to its 25-foot-long power cord and high flow rate. You may also use this submersible pump to lower the water level in the pool. 

A float switch turns the sump pump for pool on and off automatically as the water level reaches a certain level. The pump turns off automatically when the cover is almost dry.


  • Thermoplastic material
  • Corded electric power source
  • 50 gallons per minute (maximum flow rate)
  • Automatic plumbing feature
  • Great quality pump


  • High flow rate with a large 1.25-inch drain hose
  • The float switch automatically turns the sump pump on and off
  • A broad base prevents the pump from flipping over
  • The screen requires frequent clearing for pools with a lot of debris

Reviews from customers

Thomas Barbieri, a resident of the United States, considered the Wayne pump the best pool cover pump ever. He said, “The flow rate is phenomenal. I put the Wayne pump on, and this beast pumps it dry amazingly fast. The water comes out with almost the same pressure as my garden hose. 

He further added, “The strainer base works perfectly! It has never clogged me, even when surrounded by leaves and muck. In addition, it has a super long and heavy-duty cord/plug. It allows me to move the pump anywhere I want. No extension cord is needed! The Wayne pump never flips over!”

M Collins said, “This is the greatest pool pump in any timeline, reality, or multiverse. It pumps water so powerfully that you must watch where you leave the hose, or you’ll end up flooding the lawn. Excellent product at an excellent price. This pool pump is more powerful than Chuck Norris.”

You can buy this submersible sump pump for pool on Amazon or on their website.


Little Giant APCP-1700

You can use the Little Giant automatic pool cover water pump & manage the water level on your cover during the offseason. It comes with an intuitive design that allows you to set the pump and forget it. 

Whenever the water level reaches 2 inches, the pump turns on and removes water until it is nearly dry. This makes it an appropriate choice for rainy climates or large pool covers. 

The 1/3-horsepower motor pumps 1745 gallons of water per hour, making it well-suited for rainy climes or larger pools. The pump’s long 25-foot power cord is well-suitable for larger pools. The base is broad, and the screen is easy to remove for periodic debris removal.


  • Polypropylene material
  • Corded electric power source
  • 1 cubic foot per second (maximum flow rate)
  • 24 feet (maximum lifting height)
  • Well designed pump
  • Easy maintenance


  • High flow rate suitable for larger pools and rainy climates
  • Automatic float switch
  • Long power cord length
  • Sometimes fails to self-prime

Reviews from customers

Dr Jon loved the Little Giant APCP-1700 pump. He said, “This pump is one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent memory. I connected the hose adapter, connected the hose, set the pump on the cover, and plugged it in. I’m guessing that there were a couple of hundred gallons of water on the cover, and in 20 minutes or less, I was done.”

Bab said, “If it’s for a pool pump, window well, or pumping out water from a flooded basement, this is a perfect pump. It’s super simple, it’s incredibly durable, and it’s easy to use it. The best part is that it turns on and off by itself.”

You can buy this Little Giant sump pump for pool on Amazon and their website.


Superior Pump 91014

If you want to get a pool cover pump that works well and doesn’t cost much or you’re someone with smaller pools or who live in drier climates should opt for this Superior Pump 91014 utility pump. 

This pool cover pump costs substantially less than most other pumps. It does not include automatic functionality. 

However, this submersible pump can remove up to 2,220 gallons per hour, reducing the time required to drain water from the pool. You can also lower a pool’s water level with this option. In addition to filtering debris, it has an 8-foot power cord. 

It is a good option for smaller pools but is more susceptible to falling over due to its narrow base.


  • Thermoplastic material
  • 37 gallons per minute (maximum flow rate)
  • Tough thermoplastic construction
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Oil-free motor design
  • AC power source


  • High flow rate
  • Less than half the price of some pool cover pumps
  • Fully submersible design
  • Short power cable
  • More susceptible to falling over

Reviews from customers

Dave is quite happy with the purchase of Superior Pump 91014. He said, “This pump is surprisingly quiet and easy to set up. A standard garden hose fits just fine, and it easily pumps out a full propane well in about 20 minutes thru a 25 ft hose. It sits flat on the bottom and drains to about 1/4” level. I’ve used it a dozen times, and it’s going strong.”

Sharon S. said, “I am pleased with the operation of this product. The only thing I would have liked to have on it is to automatically cut it off once it pumps out all the water. Performs well; I use it in our in-ground swimming pool water well.”

You can buy this Superior sump pump for pool on Amazon.


Wayne WWB WaterBUG Submersible Pump

Some scenarios require a pump that will function in a pool, crawlspace, pump pit, or any other location where water accumulates—for these people, I recommend the WaterBUG! 

Don’t be fooled by the WaterBUG’s diminutive size—it can lift 900 gallons per hour, as much as 10 feet. A WaterBUG may surprise you, but it’s subtle design permits it to remove water down to 1/16 of an inch. 

You can use this multi-purpose pump to drain a pool, clear your cover, or any other location in your home, not just clear water.


  • Thermoplastic material
  • Corded electric power source
  • 23 gallons per minute (maximum flow rate)
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic discharge outlets
  • Multi-Flo technology
  • Great quality pump


  • Work anywhere in your home
  • Removes nearly all water
  • Pumps 900+ GPH
  • Can overheat and stop working

Reviews from customers

Joe considered the Wayne WWB pump a great 1/6th Hp pump. He said, “This pump moves lots of water very quickly…. about 1,300 gallons/hour. It is virtually silent. I use it with my above pool and pool cover. It takes water down to a non-pooled level… about 1/16 of an inch. 

He added, “Well-made solid pump… made in the USA. It works well in removing water and drying out flooded rooms or basements. Highly recommended!”

Richard Lanzoni said, “I would recommend the Wayne WWB pump if you’re using it for the basement to pay the extra money for the larger one that will turn on and off, so the motor doesn’t burn out. I use it to remove water from my spa quickly. It’s very fast.”

You can buy this Wayne WWB WaterBUG sump pump for pool on Amazon and their website.


Edou Submersible Pool Cover Pump

If you own an above-ground pool and want to remove water from the pool cover without investing in a pricey pump, this pool cover pump with less flow and a manual design may be the option. 

While this submersible pump’s 850 GPH flow rate isn’t sufficient to keep sizable above-ground pool covers dry, it has enough power to keep most of them dry. An adapter for attaching a standard .75-inch garden hose is included with the drainage hose, which measures 16 feet. 

The Edou pool cover pump is suitable for above-ground pools, often farther from outdoor outlets than inground pools, since it has a 25-foot power cord.


  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material
  • Corded electric power source
  • 14.16 gallons per minute (maximum flow rate)
  • High-quality pump
  • High efficiency
  • Good compatibility


  • Great little product
  • Good size, good weight and efficient
  • Works really good on top pool cover
  • Good value for cost
  • Not heavy
  • Discharge placement

Reviews from customers

Chad is impressed with the Edou Submersible pump. He said, “Very pleased with the reasonable price. Works great. Easy to connect & lightweight. Better quality than I expected for such a low price. The drain tube and electrical cord were surprisingly long.”

Joe F. said, “Edou Submersible pump did precisely what it was supposed to do, drain water from the above-ground pool cover. There is no on/off switch, so a little manual effort is required. You also may need to move water around on the top of the cover towards the machine to get most of the water off the cover. This product is excellent from its price standpoint.

You can buy this Edou submersible sump pump for pool on Amazon and Ebay.


AgiiMan Pool Cover Pump

AgiiMan pool pump is a powerful hand pump that eliminates water from the top of above-ground swimming pools or even smaller in-ground pools. It is due to its impressive 1,100 GPH flow rate.

This pump design has a mesh screen on all four sides of the intake, making it less likely to become blocked than other types.

The AgiiMan comes with a 16-foot hose designed to avoid twisting, but it can also be used with a .75-inch garden hose with the help of an adapter.

As the pump can be submerged, it is also ideal for reducing water in a swimming pool. The length of the power cord is 25 feet, giving you plenty of room to get to an outside power source.


  • Mesh, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material
  • 18.33 gallons per minute (maximum flow rate)
  • Battery powered source
  • Great customer service
  • Good compatibility


  • Long 25-foot power cord
  • High flow rate for small pump
  • Doesn’t clog as quickly as other designs
  • Manual design requires a user to turn it on or off manually

Reviews from customers

Holly Newton said, “This product is great for draining a hot tub. You just plug it in and set it on the bottom of the tub with hose untangled where you want it to drain. The tube has to be completely unlinked to drain properly. It suctions the water through the bottom of the device, so if there is debris, you must clear it. Overall great buy for the cost.”

Gary Kratochwill considered the Agiiman pump powerful and efficient. He said, “I used the pump to move warm water from a bathtub to an outside kiddie pool. This pump provides strong suction and efficiently pumps water through a 75-foot hose and a 4-foot lift, leaving very little water in the tub.”

You can buy this AgiiMan sump pump for pool on Amazon.

My Verdict

The Wayne pool cover pump is the most effective all-purpose pool cover pump available on the market. It comes with automatic design, stabilized base and an ability to dispense 3,000 GPH.

Those looking for a budget alternative should consider the affordable Superior Pump utility pump, which is significantly less expensive than other pool cover pumps but still removes up to 2,200 GPH.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Best Sump Pump For Pool

Can you use a sump pump in a pool?

If you need to empty your pool each winter, purchasing a submersible electric pump, otherwise known as a sump pump, can be an excellent investment since it is much faster than utilizing a garden hose.

What is a sump pump for pool?

As its name suggests, a submersible pump works when submerged in liquid. These pumps have substantial power and are usually used for removing water from swimming pools and hot tubs. Moreover, they are also used for draining water from a flooded basement! These types of pumps are often called “sump pumps”.

How long does it take to drain a pool with a sump pump?

It would require 14 hours to empty a swimming pool, depending on its size. Thus, planning this task for a day when you have plenty of leisure time is essential. You should remain at home to monitor the pool, hoses, and pump at regular intervals. It is necessary not to let the pump run out of water, as it can cause destruction.

What are the negatives of a sump pump?

Here are the disadvantages of a sump pump: 

The sump pump needs electricity. So, it is essential to have a power supply or water reserve so that the motor and cellar don’t get destroyed by water during a power cut.

It is essential to have a power supply from either a battery or water source to prevent water damage to the engine or the basement during an electricity disruption.

Conclusion: Best Sump Pump For Pool

A sump pump for pool is a great way to protect your swimming pool from leaves and other airborne debris. You can use cover pumps to remove water from pool covers of any size, saving them from permanent damage and pest infestations.

If you use a sump pump for pool, it will help you avoid costly damage to your pool cover. If standing water sits on top of the body for too long, mosquitoes will breed, and the surface will start to rip. The head height on most pumps is low, and the quantity of water to be drained is small, so a tiny pump has plenty of power. 

It’s important that you pick the right sump pump for pool. There are two primary kinds of pool pumps. The first type sits on the pool cover and drains rain or groundwater. The second type is a traditional one that you put at the bottom of the pool to drain.  There are also sump pump systems that mimic these functions.

Hopefully, the details above will help you choose the best sump pump for pool.

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