10 Best Ways To Hide Sump Pumps In Your House

Sump pumps may not be aesthetically pleasing, even if they help pump water from basements. Most people look for suitable interventions to hide sump pumps, and most look for appropriate interventions to ensure that the sump pump will blend in with the home’s design.

If possible, hide sump pumps with furniture or other decorative items. You can hide sump pump’s location in this manner so that it does not appear as a gaping hole in your ceiling.

So, we’ve come up with this article to help you with these 10 amazing ways to hide sump pumps. Let’s jump right in!

What Is The Need To Hide Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps are intended to keep your basement dry by removing accumulated standing water. A sump pump is simply a pump that aids in removing water from a sump basin, typically found in your home’s basement.

Sump pumps, unfortunately, are extremely loud and, if left visible, can ruin the appearance of your basement. Fortunately, there are ways to hide sump pumps in your basement, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort while keeping your basement dry and protected from water damage. 

Furthermore, it will minimize the noise generated when operating by using soundproof material. Usually, the sound will be minimized as you tighten the seals.

Here are the top 10 ways to hide sump pumps; let’s go over them one by one:


Install a curtain from the ceiling to the floor!

You can also use a floor-to-ceiling curtain to create the illusion of a wall. This will seal off the sump pump area from the rest of the room.


Keep the curtain an inch or two off the ground to avoid water accumulation and leakage into the basement. The disadvantage is that it will do nothing to combat the loud noise of the sump pump.


Make a closet!

The following option is to build a closet around it to hide sump pump. This adds more storage space to the shelves you already have in the basement. Anyone with basic construction skills can make a suitable structure.

Use insulation in the closet to make it quieter. Leave enough space on the bottom shelf to reach the sump pump. A closet with a right door will keep your children and pets out of the area.


Use a rug to cover it!

A rug or carpet is the simplest way to hide sump pump. It is the most cost-effective option because you do not need to purchase anything new. It will also improve the setting’s aesthetic appeal. 


Simply choose a rug that complements you. It will make the area less visible and draw less attention. If you need to keep anything hidden while still having access to it whenever you want, this is a better choice, the basement floor.


Make use of plywood!

Another low-cost option is making your cover out of plywood to hide sump pumps. Because sump pump covers are expensive on the market, you can opt for this less expensive alternative. 


Cut the plywood to fit the shape of the spherical pit and drill the required holes. Add a square-shaped wood to the top to serve as a handle.


Use plants as a cover!

Hide sump pumps behind some plants to give your basement a more natural look. Place the pots around the sump pump to prevent them from falling into the basin. 

Remove any dry leaves that may fall into the pit, as they may cause additional problems and even flood the basement. Use house plants to make your basement more comfortable and less reliant on air conditioning.


Create a small deck!

Small decks are an excellent way to hide sump pumps on the ground. A sump pumping station is a great solution if you have a deck and want to keep your house neat. 


Put your sump pump on top of the deck and connect it with an extension cord or hose. It remains accessible in case of emergencies or routine maintenance while remaining out of sight.


Faux floor!

The term “faux flooring” refers to a wide range of materials that look like or is made of real bricks, tiles, or concrete. There are numerous benefits to having faux brick floors installed in your home. They look lovely, are easy to install, and can be a good solution if you have an uneven surface near your sump pump.

Fake flooring is an effective way to hide sump pumps. Install the sump pump beneath the wall-to-wall carpeting. Repeat the process to add shelves and hide sump pumps. Choose faux flooring that complements the décor of your basement.


Use furniture

You can hide sump pumps by rearranging your furniture. Put a chair or couch over the sump pump and secure it from underneath to keep it in place. This is an excellent way to keep your children and pets away from the sump pump while it is in use.

However, ensure the couch’s legs are not directly on the cover. If they do, the surface may become damaged when someone sits in the chair.


Reduce its visibility!

Another effective way to hide sump pumps is to place it in an inconspicuous location. If the sump pump is in the middle of the room, it will quickly draw everyone’s attention and make the area less appealing. 

Place it appropriately, away from the main sitting area and commonly used staircases.

Make sure that whatever you do to hide sump pumps does not obstruct the sump pump drain pipe. 

The sump pit water must be released via the drain pipe. If you clog the drain pipe, the drainage system will become clogged, resulting in a flooded basement.


Install shelving above the sump pump!

This would be best when the discharge piping is located inside a wall. However, it is also acceptable if the pipe is close to the wall. The sump pump pipes may remain visible unless the shelving has a solid back.

The bottom shelf of this sump pump cover must be high enough to allow access to the sump pump. Therefore, to hide sump pumps, you might choose to add a door or curtain beneath the bottom shelf.

Wrapping up

These are ten ways to hide sump pumps in basements that we hope you find useful. 

Be careful not to block the discharge pipe when hiding them. Although it may seem inconsequential, the minor will save you time and trouble.

While concealing your sump pump may appear to be the best solution, you should always be aware of potential water hazards in your home.

Before installing any new equipment, always make sure the area is dry. Your health and safety are jeopardized if you do not correctly address the problem after you hide sump pumps. 

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