Is Your Sump Pump Draining Into Yard? 6 Possible Causes And Solutions

Is your sump pump draining into yard? Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Excessive water may arise from a variety of problems. Water from a basement sump pump can quickly turn a yard into a muddy mess if it overflows. In addition to pumping water out of your basement to prevent flooding, it is fruitless if it overflows into your yard. 

If you want to install a sump pump in your backyard, it is time to do it. You will have to address the issue if the sump pump is draining into the lawn. You may require a downspout extension, a storm drain, a dry well, or even a french drain if you don’t already have one. 

This article will find out why is the sump pump draining into yard excessively, how to avoid it, and how to maintain it.

Common Causes Of Sump Pump Draining Into Yard And Their Solutions


The sump pump keeps water from entering the basement and flooding the house. It also assists with grading and removing water from the yard. 

However, there are many times when it malfunctions, and the problem of your sump pump draining into yard occurs. It’s not good if water is pooling in the yard and creating a muddy mess. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and repair this problem. 

Here are six essential things to consider if your sump pump is flooding a yard:


Higher water table

The water table can rise during wet seasons, causing flooding. Nearby streams and rivers may contribute to this problem. If your sump pump drains into yard, you may have options for your yard drainage system. 

First, if you do not already have a backyard sump pump installed, it might be a good time to do so. A French drain might be helpful in such instances, mainly if flooding happens more often and you have a larger budget. 

You might consider installing a rain garden if you don’t bear the budget for a French drain. It will be less costly but just as efficient as a French drain. 

A downspout is another method to carry water away when the sump pump draining into yard. It is beneficial during wet seasons. You may solve the issue naturally during the dry season if nothing else works.


Too fast pump rate

If your sump pump malfunctions and gets off the track, you may end up with a flooded yard because the water does not have enough time to drain away. The sump pump draining into yard may also occur if your sump pump begins pumping water too quickly. 

A professional should be able to determine how frequently or how fast your sump pump is operating. Only a qualified technician should address such a problematic sump pump.


Poor drain field area

A sump pump’s drainage area can also create wet yard conditions with compacted soil. Since compacted soil hinders the drainage of a sump pump, your wet yard may be the result. 

The sump pump draining into yard drains the area, and the slope of the drain may also change over time due to soil compaction. With regular traffic, soils can be compacted very quickly. If your yard does not drain water properly, your sump pump is just recycling it. 

Make sure your drainage slope is properly sloped. To help the water flow, you should include sand and other materials when landscaping your drainage area.


Ruptured Pipe

Pipe bursts can happen for various reasons, leading to flooding in the basement or sump pump draining into yard. These pipes are often broken and can break anytime, but they are a poor choice for a lengthy period. Copper pipes are the only form of plumbing that lasts for decades. 

If you notice an increase in your water bill, it’s a sign that something is amiss. If you have a leaking pipe, the only person who can save you is a home inspector. 

A thermal imaging camera can help locate the exact position of the damaged pipe without tearing up the entire yard.


Improve overall yard drainage

You may have to dig in your yard quite a bit, but installing drainage pipes beneath the soil in serious moisture situations may be necessary. 

French drains and perforated pipes can assist direct water out from your yard or handle the water flowing from your neighbor’s sump pump. You can use a little device to erect a drainage system or build an outdoor sump pump

We suggest the WAYNE WaterBug for outdoor usage and to avoid soggy yards. It is compact but mighty enough to drain a big yard for roughly an hour. It will withstand all weather, so it will be fine outside.


Create water features

You can use a sump pump to irrigate a beautiful garden in addition to a rainwater garden. This technique can turn a flooded yard into a more pleasant experience. There are two ways to manage excess water caused by sump pump draining into yard: water catchment or wet weather holding ponds.

Consequences Of Too Much Water In Yard


Sump pump draining into yard is not the only problem you will face when your pump is not working accurately. It can cause other damages too.

To understand why you should immediately take action, look at the following damages that may occur to you:

  • Sinkhole in Yard

There will be sinkholes in your yard due to the surplus water. Even if you notice a sinkhole forming, call a professional, as they can be dangerous for kids and pets.

  • Mold Problem

A malfunctioning sump pump will result in backed-up water in the basement. That will lead to mold growth you want to avoid at any cost.

So, inspect your basement for mold when you have a drenched yard because of the sump pump. Fix the sump pump and if you find any mold, remove them wearing your protective clothing.

  • Mosquitoes Problem

Mosquitoes love standing water, and dangerous mosquitoes love fresh water in the yard.

There are plenty of ways to take care of your mosquitos’ problem, but you first need to remove the standing water. 


Keeping Your Yard Nice And Dry

Sump pumps may fail at any moment, and it is easy to overlook when they operate correctly. Consequently, it would help if you took notice of the warning signs of a failing sump pump every once in a while to prevent this unfortunate incident in the future. 

Sump pumps exhibit several symptoms as they begin to wear out. You can keep your basement and yard from flooding by observing these indications. 

In addition to that, inspect the drainage after heavy rain. It must be maintained if the drainage is partially obstructed or not functioning correctly. The soil in certain areas does not naturally drain water well. 

You can solve the problem of sump pump draining into yard by keeping the sump nice and dry. A dry well can be an excellent solution in this situation. Dig several dry wells to trap excess water and prevent flooding in the whole area.


Maintenance Of The Sump Pump

Maintenance is essential to keeping a piece of machinery in better condition and preventing the yard from being drained unintentionally. Although you can’t avoid all the apparent issues, you can still contain many of them from happening. 

It’s usually sufficient to maintain every few months, but the experts recommend doing it every two months. It will help if you use the proper cleaning formula to clean your sump pump. If you run a vinegar solution through your sump pump, you can clean it quickly. 

This will eliminate any tiny particles or debris from the pump. 

Seek expert help if your sump pump is malfunctioning severely. Make sure the sump pump vents and holes are clean so that they may operate properly. 

You must also monitor the sump pump’s float switch. Make sure nothing is blocking the switch. Maintain it in good condition by keeping it free of obstructions. 

Maintaining your sump pump is undoubtedly worthwhile since it can prevent several problems.



The basement, the lowest level of the house, and the outside yard are where sump pumps are highly beneficial. When working correctly, they prevent water from entering the home and divert it to the yard and away from the house. 

As with everything else, sump pumps might break down or malfunction, resulting in sump pump draining into yard. It’s crucial, therefore, that they are working correctly. 

Hopefully, this guide helps to solve all your queries regarding sump pump draining into yard.

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