How To Stop The Pool Pump From Making A Humming Noise?

If you notice that your pool makes buzzing noises and want to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise, look no further because we will guide you through your pool pump problems. 

Neglecting to maintain your pool could cause major issues. For instance, your pool pump may start to make an annoying buzzing noise if there is too much debris in the water or if the skimmer basket cannot remove enough water from the pool owing to broken valves or another issue.

The good news is that you have many options to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise and regain the calm and quiet you deserve. We’ll discuss solutions in this article to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise!

Stop The Pool Pump From Making A Humming Noise By Using These Steps:


Check the suction hose and skimmer basket

You must first understand certain fundamentals if you’re looking for the best solutions to stop the pool pump from humming.

Checking the suction hose and the skimmer should be your first action. Your pump will have to work harder to suck out the water if there is debris in the water or if the skimmer basket is full.

Typically, the basket will collect the expected, such as leaves and bugs. If you have a lot of leafy trees near the pool, you must always keep the basket clear. 

Examining the pump while it is running to determine whether it is moving will help you determine whether the suction hose or skimmer basket is to blame. You can observe the floating debris if they are not moving. 

The pump will produce a louder noise if debris covers it. Remove the debris from the skimmer basket and suction hose. Next, wash the pump impeller and basket.


Check the pool pump vane

One more solution you can opt for is to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise by checking the pool pump vane. The pool pump vane is a tiny part attached to a pool pump’s impeller. Its responsibility is to control the water flow through the pump so it is distributed to the numerous pool components requiring water.

The pump will function efficiently when the vane is in good condition since it will direct the water appropriately. It can also guide the water to a specific pool area. The pump will only function as smoothly if the vane is fixed, worn out, or malfunctioning.

Due to its inability to control the water flow as it should, the pump will produce a buzzing sound. Check the vane to check if it is damaged or deteriorated. You will have to swap it out for a new one. You can get assistance from your neighborhood pool supply shop in locating the ideal vane for your unique pump model.


Change the location of your pool pump

You can move the pump in your pool to reduce the noise it creates if you want to stop the pool pump from humming. Although it may sound unusual, there are times when the pump is placed in the wrong area of the pool.

The humming sound will be louder than usual when the pump is not properly positioned—looking at the pump while running is the most straightforward approach to determine if this is the case. Pump placement is incorrect if the side of the pump facing the wall produces a humming sound.

 You only need to move the pump opposite the pool to fix this. If you try this and the noise ceases, you know the pump was installed incorrectly.


Install a noise-absorbing enclosure for your pool pump

If you want to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise, you should install a noise-absorbing enclosure around the pump if the solution above doesn’t solve your problem of a buzzing noise emanating from your pool pump. 

With the right equipment, you could finish this simple task independently.

Most pool pump manufacturers sell these enclosures online, which is fantastic news. They are conveniently available on Amazon and other internet retailers.

Installing an enclosure around your pool helps to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise and shield it from external impurities like leaves and pests. Your pump will remain clean and clear of debris and other items that could harm it by being enclosed in a noise-absorbing cage. A tiny amount of money will last for a very long period!


Install sound-canceling foam or spray foam

You can check out this idea to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise: If the pump is humming, but there are no obstructions in the skimmer basket, or it is set to a lower setting, you may need to install silencing foam or foam-in. Silencing foam is a dense, thick foam placed between the pump and the skimmer basket to dampen vibration noise.

Spray foam is similar to silencing foam in that it is sprayed directly on the inside of the skimmer basket rather than between the pump and the skimmer basket. It can get messy, so wear gloves and an old shirt spraying.


Replace the bearings on the pool pump motor

If you’re still reading and the problem still needs to be resolved, there could be something more serious at work; I completely understand how important it is to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise! 

The motor bearings have failed, and you will need to replace them.

This needs to be noticed, and no matter what DIY pool pump noise reduction you try, it may not solve the problem.

You can try to replace the bearings yourself, which I don’t recommend because it can be challenging if you’ve never done it before, or you can have a professional replace them.

If you use the wrong bearing or place them incorrectly, you could cause severe and possibly permanent faults and damage to the motor. Another issue is that the bolts on the older pumps are likely corroded. Other problems, such as closed impellers, may also arise.


A humming sound can be bothersome when all you want to do is unwind in the backyard with a cold beverage. Fortunately, you can do a few things to stop the pool pump from making a humming noise. 

First, inspect the suction line and skimmer basket to ensure nothing obstructs it. If everything is clear, try lowering the pump setting or installing foam to reduce vibration noise. 

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