My Sump Pump Alarm Is Going Off – How To Fix?

You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering why my sump pump alarm is going off and how to fix it. Your sump pump alarm indicates that your basement might be flooding or not working correctly. 

You must investigate why your sump pump alarm is going off. What should you do when your alarm goes off? You can act before a disaster strikes but you must act quickly to prevent flooding. 

You will be alerted if your sump pump alarm system goes off. Every home needs a backup pump, which should be prepared to turn on immediately in case of a primary pump failure. 

This post discusses what a sump pump alarm is and different methods to use when your sump pump alarm goes off. 

What Is A Sump Pump Alarm?

Before learning why my sump pump alarm is going off, you should know what a sump pump alarm is. 

A sump pump alarm observes the water levels within a sump pump chamber. Because sump pump chambers are submersed, water will not overflow from them unless there is a problem. An alarm usually alerts the property owner when there is an issue with the sump pump.

So, why is my sump pump alarm going off?

A sump pump failure alert indicates that water has risen above the pump’s maximum level, making it challenging to function correctly. This may take place if your basement is flooding and the pump is overwhelmed (literally!). 

The pump alarm sounds when the water level in the sump pit rises 5 to 6 inches below the top of the hole. It will help if you act when you hear the alarm because it might mean your basement is about to flood. 

If there is any indication that there is water in your cellar, you should act swiftly to get it out before it causes serious damage to your house.

Common Causes For Sump Pump Alarm To Go Off

Now that you know what a sump pump alarm is, let’s study the common cases of why my sump pump alarm is going off. When the sump pump alarm goes off, it simply tells you there is a problem, but it does not indicate to you what the problem is or fix it. 

Below we have highlighted the causes why my sump pump alarm is going off and how to fix it: 


Sump Pump High Water Alarm

If your sump pit or basement floods, the alarm will sound, letting you know to take quick action. A sensor on the water level triggers the alarm when it reaches a certain level. This can alert you to a flood as soon as it happens. 

If your sump pump alarm goes off, investigate it immediately to see if it is working. Check the alarm first, as it may cause the most damage. If the power is out, bring a flashlight or a cell phone. 

Flooding can cost thousands of dollars to damage your home, and you should take a high water alarm seriously.

We suggest the Zoeller 10 as a good choice if you don’t have an alarm in your basement or if you’d like to replace yours. It works well with Zoeller pumps as well as with other popular models.


Sump Pump Beeping Noises

There are two reasons why a sump pump may be beeping. A sump pump beeping may indicate flooding or warn you that the pump is about to turn on. When you hear beeping noises from your crawlspace or basement, immediately look for signs of flooding. 

Make sure that the sump pump alarm only sounds when there is flooding. If you hear your pump beeping, check it right away. Batteries in the alarm may be low, causing the pump to beep. 

The best sump pumps on the market, such as the PumpSpy, can send text alerts to your phone if flooding or a power outage is detected. 


Check To Ensure The Pump Is Running

If your sump pump is operating, you don’t have to worry about it. If your sump pump isn’t pumping adequately, you may need to reset it. Some individuals dry out the sensor and then return it to the pump after it has discharged the excessive water. 

This approach also works well – but you must know what you’re doing, or you could permanently damage the pump.


Alarm Goes Off Too Often

You might wonder why my sump pump alarm is going off too often. It can occur more often than one might think, as water levels can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including construction and weather patterns. An alarm system that sounds too often might indicate that your basement is inundated with water and needs a larger sump pump. 

If your sump pump alarm frequently goes off, don’t ignore the issue, or you may discover yourself wading through a puddle of water and splaying out of a mold problem.


Check the Basin Water Level

It is usual for some water to remain in the pump basin after the pump has finished pumping. If the water level appears too high, check to ensure the pump is operating correctly and that the drain lines are free of obstruction.


Your Backup Sump Pump Is Operating

You might wonder why my sump pump alarm is going off when the backup pump is working. 

Even though your backup sump pump is on, an alarm may sound because of a malfunction with the primary pump or a power outage. Having a battery backup sump pump is a brilliant idea if you live in an area susceptible to power outages or floods. 

The backup should run for at least four hours to restore your power. A battery will only last so long, but it may help to prevent catastrophic basement flooding.


Sump Pump Clogging

The sump pump system is utilized to move water from your property, but it can become clogged sometimes. A sump pump system clogs can occur when the water from the sump pit becomes clogged with debris. 

Any debris that falls into the sump pump chamber must be prevented to prevent clogging. A sump pump that a qualified expert regularly cleans can maintain its functioning and longevity by avoiding clogs. You can also deodorize your sump pump in case of a foul smell due to clogging.


Sump Pump Is Overworked

You must maintain the water level of a sump at a specific story, and if it is not maintained correctly, the pump will be overworked and stop working. If this occurs, the pump will need to be replaced or repaired, costing the homeowner money. 

To avoid this, ensure that the sump pump does not work too hard by discharging large quantities of water into the drainage line. You may require two or three pumps to handle the job if water levels are high.


Sump Pump Isn’t Receiving Power

The sump pump alerts you that it is malfunctioning during a power outage. When the power is back on, the pump should start up again and eliminate water in your basement. 

During extended blackouts, you may want to seek alternative approaches to get rid of water in your basement. Install a backup power source, such as a sump pump battery, to keep things running even if the electricity goes out to prevent power disruptions.


Basement Watchdog Alarm Won’t Stop

Before troubleshooting your Basement Watchdog battery alarm, ensure no problems with your pump system or a flood. Also, ensure you are not overheating or getting too cold air, which may result in the system freezing. Lastly, verify the pump and battery backup power connections and fill the unit to ensure that it is not too cold or overheating air. 

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Low battery fluid
  • Loose power cables
  • The battery is low on power or corrupted
  • The power outlet or fuse has failed

Don’t Unplug Your Pump

There is no benefit to removing an alarm from a sump pump if it is blaring. An alarm indicates that the pump cannot handle the water flow, so unplugging it would only increase the amount of water in your basement and increase the risk of foundation and other home damage.

All these common causes will help you to understand why my sump pump alarm is going off. 

How To Turn Off And Reset The Sump Pump Alarm

Now that you know why my sump pump alarm is going off and how to fix it, It’s time to shut off and reset your pump once you are sure it is working correctly. Most pump designs have a reset button, and you can reactivate independent alarms via their interface. Check your owner’s manual if you don’t know how to reset the alarm.  

Remember: water damage to your basement may occur if you permanently disable the alarm.

Don’t be alarmed

Your sump pump beeping can be worrisome, but knowing what the beeps mean and how to address the issue can help ensure that your pump works properly to prevent water from accumulating under your home. 

Your sump pump should typically only run when necessary. If you hear your pump constantly working or your alarm regularly, you should seek professional help immediately. Inform the professionals that my sump pump alarm is going off, and they will take care of the rest.


We have discussed above why it is essential to have an alarm on your sump pump so that you notice when something is wrong. You must therefore ensure that the alarm is working correctly. 

Just as you must maintain your sump pump regularly, you should keep your alarm. If the alarm isn’t supported, there is a chance that it will cease working resulting in flooding your basement. Hopefully, this guide helps to answer the question of why my sump pump alarm is going off.

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