Is Your Sump Pump Clogged? 5 Ways To Fix It 

Well, a sump pump clogged can cause unexpected basement flooding and other mechanical difficulties whenever seasonal maintenance and regular drain line checks are not performed.

This post will demonstrate how to repair a clogged sump pump and tips for preventing sentiment from accumulating in your drain lines.

Finding the source of the issue is the first step in unclogging a blocked sump pump. Once you know the reason behind the sump pump clogged, there are specific steps to remedy the situation and get your basement back to its dry state again.

How To Keep Your Sump Pump Safe?


Both pedestal and submersible pumps can become clogged if the pit becomes clogged with debris, sand, or silt. This is why they must wear a top. Placing a lid on these pumps will keep debris from entering the pit from the room.

Assume you have a cover over the sump pit that prevents anything from entering it from the room. You may wonder how a submersible pump may become clogged in this situation. 

When water drains down the foundation’s exterior, it can carry sand, silt, or dirt. This sand can enter and accumulate in the sump pit. This is more common in conditions with excessive water, such as a storm or hurricane.


It depends on the season and water table. In the spring, the water is more likely to be mixed with snowmelt or ground thaw. 

To prevent this, place the submersible pump on cement blocks or bricks to keep sand and silt at bay. It is critical to maintain the pit for sand building following strong rainstorms.

Follow these tips and tricks to fix a sump pump clogged once and for all!


Turn off the power

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to turn off the power to your sump pump. Sump pumps run on electricity, and the last thing you want to do is accidentally turn it on while trying to clean it out

Turning off the power will prevent any electrocution accidents and make the rest of the cleaning process safer for everyone involved. 


You’ll likely find your sump pump’s power switch near the electrical panel in your home’s basement. If your sump pump locates in a different room, you’ll want to shut off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box. 

Be extra careful when turning off the power to any electrical appliances.


Check your sump pump’s basket and drainpipe

Before you reach for a rigid hose and start trying to unclog your sump pump’s drainpipe, take a look at the basket and drainpipe first. If there is a blockage in the drainpipe, you might be able to push it through into the sump pump’s basket with a long pole. 

If the jam is in the basket itself, it may be easier to remove it before you start cleaning out the drainpipe. 

Check your sump pump’s drainpipe. Sump pumps use gravity to drain water from the basement and into the yard. 

This means the pump must have a clear path to the ground outside your house. If your drainpipe is clogged, it could be why the sump pump clogs. Cleaning your sump pump’s drainpipe can help you get it running smoothly again.


Clear out the clog with a rigid hose

In case your sump pump’s basket and drainpipe are clear of debris, you’ll want to turn your attention to the drainpipe. 

Your drainpipe is likely where the majority of the clog is taking place. A rigid hose with a flexible end is an excellent option for cleaning the drainpipe clog.


Rigid hoses are sold at home improvement stores and can be used to clear out the clog in your sump pump’s drainpipe. 

Make sure to use a flexible end on your hose so that you don’t cause additional damage to your sump pump. You can also use a smaller diameter hose if you have one available.


Install a secondary drain

Sump pumps can clog for several reasons, including leaves, sand, or a small mammal! If the sump pump clogs for a while, it might be time to install a secondary drain in your sump pump’s pipe. 

A secondary drain will allow water to flow out of your basement, even if temporarily. Installing a secondary drain can be tricky.

Sump pump experts recommend placing the drain above the pump and as close to the water level as possible. You’ll also want to ensure you put a screen over the drain to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging it up.


Try chemical cleaners to unblock the sump pump

In case the sump pump clogged with more than just sand or leaves, chemical cleaners could help you get it moving again. Sump pump clogs are often difficult to clear with traditional cleaning methods, but certain chemical cleaners can work wonders on sump pump clogged.

Try a sump pump cleaner made with hydrochloric acid. These cleaners formulate to break down clogs in sump pumps caused by minerals such as sand and limestone. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product carefully, and use protective gear such as gloves and eye protection while using the cleaner.

What You Will Require:

  • A flashlight or a headlamp
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Optional tarp
  • Bucket
  • Damp rag


Consider resolving the source of the garbage if the sump pump intake frequently clogs due to debris entering the sump basin regularly. When the sump pump clogged and is unclean with debris, it may be easiest to move it outdoors in a bucket and rinse it with a strong stream of water. Install a screen in the downspout to trap leaves and other debris if connected to a foundation drain that runs to the sump pump.

Last Words

A clogged sump pump is a nuisance, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your basement. Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to fix the sump pump clogged so you can get your home’s flood protection back up and running again. 

A sump pump clogged is annoying and inconvenient, but it doesn’t need to spell the end of your home’s ability to stay dry when it rains. There are things you can do to fix a sump pump clogged that will have you feeling comfortable again in no time!

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