Best Paint for Basement Stairs In 2023

Basements aren’t generally known as great spaces for social gatherings. They’re usually dark, dank, and musty. When you have a basement in your home, it’s important to think about the space from a functional perspective. A great way to do this is by updating the basement stairs to be bright and welcoming. It’s important to find the best paint for basement stairs to make your basement feel like less of a dungeon and more of a cozy retreat.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money redecorating your basement; just choose the right paint colors to give it a lift. The right paint can make all the difference in making your basement feel like home rather than an underground bunker.

We are listing the best paint for basement stairs, so read on and find one that’s best for you.


Best Paint for Basement Stairs: Importance

Stairs are sometimes one of the first places in your home where cracks and chips emerge. That’s because they get a lot of wear and tear from people walking up and down on them daily. If these stairs are painted with low-quality paint, they will begin to chip and peel after only a few years of use. 

However, by using high-quality paint in a high-traffic area such as the staircase, you can extend the life of your paint job. This will also help to maintain your home appearing as pleasant as possible. 

Best Paint for Basement Stairs: Necessity Of Knowing Your Options

Knowing your alternatives can aid you in choosing the best paint for basement stairs.

First, determine what type of paint is currently on your basement stairs. Some folks repaint their basement stairs with the same color as the walls.

The next step is determining which paint brands are available in your desired color. Then determine what kind of paint; is it latex or oil-based? Certain paint types and brands are better suited for basement stairs.

Best Paint for Basement Stairs: Guide For Picking An Ideal Color

You should be careful when selecting the color for your basement stairs. It’s critical to choose the best paint for basement stairs that complements the overall color scheme of your basement. However, selecting a color that complements the basement door is also advisable. 


People entering your property will be able to locate the basement entrance readily. The best paint for basement stairs will work perfectly if you also take care of the paintbrush; for example- A thick-nap roller is advised since it will ensure that the paint covers the steps completely and evenly.


The first step in selecting the best paint for basement stairs is to choose a neutral color. You can’t go wrong with the following colors: white, cream, light grey, light blue, light green, or light brown. Avoid using black or crimson since they are excessively dark and will make the steps appear more closed off than they are.


Since you have a variety of textures to choose from, including low-sheen, high-gloss, and flat-finish sheens. The distinction is that differing sheen levels give the paint a varied appearance and feel. So, if you want a smooth yet glossy pick, go with a low-sheen finish.

White or beige

Pick beige if you want to go with a neutral color but avoid white. This is the perfect color for a basement because it is neither too light nor too dark. These colors are friendly and cozy without being overly flashy.

If you choose beige, consider adding some darker accents. For instance, add some brown to the spindles or the railing. This will increase the contrast and prevent the staircase from looking too pale.

Darker color

You may also think about painting the treads if you want a darker tone for the staircase. This is a fantastic technique to contrast the stairs, and it’s incredibly well-liked with black staircases. 

Although it can look very official, a black staircase can also be beautiful. Including the treads in the mix helps to consider how each new space will look and feel when remodeling your home. If your basement has steps leading to the first floor, you should pay extra attention to painting these stairs.


Since basement staircases are typically dim and out of sight from the outside world, any painting you do here should be neutral or light in color; you should avoid dark blue or red color schemes because they can make the dim room increasingly darker. The same is true for more golden hues like yellow or green; they also don’t fit this area well.

Here are some pointers for selecting the perfect color for the end of your basement stairs:

  • The entire staircase can look more comfortable and unassuming.
  • If you wish to use a darker tone for your stairways, you can look at a few different possibilities.
  • You can choose a darker shade of the color you’ve previously decided on. You can also choose a darker black color. No matter which choice you select, be sure the paint has a low-sheen finish.

Metallic paint on the railing

Regarding the railing, you can pick whatever color you want. However, using metallic paint for the railing may create some contrast to the overall space. Metallic colors stand out and might help to draw attention to a specific area. The perfect metallic paint colors for your railing are gold, silver, bronze, or copper.


These are warm hues, but they can also provide an exquisite touch to your staircase. However, select a low gloss finish because you don’t want the railing to be too brilliant.

4 Best Paint for Basement Stairs

When choosing the best paint for basement stairs, look for a paint that is rated as low-maintenance. This means the paint will absorb less moisture, making cleaning off dirt and grime easier. Also, make sure the paint is resistant to stains and water damage to keep your space looking fresh and new for a long time.

Finally, choosing the perfect brand to get the best paint for basement stairs you’ve tried or are familiar with is a good option. That way, you can be sure of the paint’s quality and won’t have to worry about it failing to cover the stairs adequately.

Here’re 4 options for the best paint for basement stairs:


KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating (Best Paint)


Because basement stairs are seen occasionally, safety is just as vital as appearance. KILZ Over Armour is among the top options for painting staircases. This paint seals both wood and concrete so that it will work in most homes. 

It applies solidly and smoothly and comes in three colors, so you will likely find a gallon that suits your basement decor.


Rust-Oleum Painters Touch (Budget Pick)


A pricey coat of paint is not necessary for every basement. If you live in a rental home or need a long-lasting coat of paint, we recommend Rust-Oleum Painters Touch

It works nicely on wood and concrete and is inexpensive for any home budget. It comes in ten different hues, and one gallon covers 120 square feet.


Olympic Stain Waterguard (Best Sealer)


Sealing wood is just as important as painting it. A sealer, such as the Olympic WaterGuard, prevents water and moisture from penetrating the wood and causing difficulties over time, finally destroying it. 

Since this sealer works on wood, concrete, and brick, you can use it to prevent water damage in any basement. We recommend applying one layer after painting to maintain and preserve hardwood stairs.


Epoxy (Best)


We advise using epoxy to protect you in a high-moisture environment. You can use a high-quality epoxy, such as the Colored Epoxiesq Kit, to give superior protection against water and paint chips on the floor, stairs, and garage.

Buyers Guide

In case you need help with the best paint for basement stairs and sealer for your staircase, don’t worry! The longevity, quality, and degree of waterproofing, as well as other choices, will all impact the entire cost of waterproofing your basement. We have put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the stair’s colors.

1. Color or Stain

One of the most important factors to consider while looking for new paint is the color or stain. Pick colors that go well with your current color scheme and home decor. 

There are many uses for basements in houses, so pick something that goes with your existing design scheme instead of white, which is sometimes a good alternative but is sometimes too dull.

2. Paint and Sealer Quality

Various samples of paint and sealers are offered at different price points. Less costly gallons are less waterproof and last less time before fading. On the other hand, higher-quality items are more waterproof and last for years, even in areas with a lot of foot activity, but they cost more per gallon.

3. Level of Waterproofing

Basement stairs made of wood must be waterproof to prevent rot and mold. A thick coat of paint that has a seal with a sealer can keep water out and prolong the life of the wood. You could fall through a board if water seeps inside and rot spreads unnoticed.

Compared to cheaper brands, more expensive paints and sealers offer more waterproofing. It is worth it to spend more money because basement stairs experience a lot of wear and tear and are constantly damp from basement moisture and wet shoes.

Summing Up

Painting the stairs in your basement is a quick and easy way to update the appearance of a sometimes ignored part of your house. Depending on your preferences or the overall decor of your home, you can choose from various hues. 

You can choose from various paint types and brands, each having unique advantages for particular areas of your home. You may be sure you’ve made a wise investment that will last for many years when you pick the best paint for basement stairs.

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