Sump Pump Float Stuck? Here’s How to Fix And Repair It!

Having the sump pump float stuck is one of the most common reasons for sump pump failure. The floating part must have sufficient space to move freely without being obstructed by debris. 

So, here’s a quick guide to fixing the sump pump float stuck and restoring your sump pump to proper working order.

If you face a sump pump float stuck, you either have a damp basement or will eventually have one. A stuck float is usually simple to repair, but it might also indicate significant problems with your sump pump system.

Following our step-by-step instructions will have your blocked float running again quickly!

What Is A Floating Pump Switch?

The sump pump has a float switch that monitors flooding in the tank and turns it on and off the pump based on the water level in the pit. The tool uses a round ball to gauge the level of water, like a ball bobbing on the water’s surface.


The float rises with the water, and when it reaches a certain level, the switch inside the float shuts and ignites the pump, draining the well. When the water level drops significantly, the switch inside the float releases, and the pump is turned off. 

This cycle is repeated continuously during the lifespan of the switch.

Sump Pump Float Stuck: What Causes It?

The different float switch types malfunction for various reasons. The floating element getting entangled in the basin is the most typical cause of float switch failure. It may get entangled between the pump and the basin wall.

Consequently, the sump pump float stuck; which also causes a malfunction since it cannot rise or fall with the water level. Once you’ve found the floating element, you can quickly fix it.


Rusted Floats

Most float switches undergo corrosion over time. Although most floats are corrosion-resistant, they get distorted when used for long periods. The hollow float switches are the most commonly pierced. 


This may permanently harm the floating part and can cause the sump pump floats stuck.


Debris in Sump Pit

A clogged sump pit with a lot of debris is a common cause of float switch failure. If the system has a sump pump float stuck on debris, the motor will not switch on at the required time. Keep the sump pump clean at all times and keep any debris from falling into the pit. 


A faulty float switch can cause sump pump activation issues, resulting in basement flooding.

How To Fix Sump Pump Float Stuck?

There are several ways to fix the sump pump float stuck. 

The first thing you should consider doing is checking the water level in the pump’s basin. Pour some water into the basin to raise the float and operate the pump if the water level is lower than the float.


Next, remove the float switch; you can also try cleaning the float or adjusting its position to keep it from sticking. If none of these works, you may need further examination.

You’ll need a screwdriver, a wrench, a hammer, and a replacement float to properly inspect and repair the jammed sump pump float.

Step 1: Remove the pump cover and check for blockages; check if the pump is getting power.

Step 2: Test the float switch by lifting it and checking its movement

Step 3: Make sure the float switch is not blocked by debris

The sump pump float is stuck only if the float is not damaged. 

If the sump pump floats stuck due to raw particles or algae buildup on the valve, clean it with a wet cloth. Try gently pressing and pulling on it to dislodge it. Clear the blockage and try again if the float has become stuck due to debris or something caught in the valve.

How To Replace Sump Pump Float Stuck Switch?
If your sump pump float is stuck despite cleaning, you might have to replace it. Follow these steps to replace a new float switch in your sump pump.
Get The Sump Pump Ready
Run the sump pump until all water drains from the sump basin. Disconnect the sump pump’s power once it is complete.
Remove The Float Switch
Reading the sump manual, you can find the float switch on your pump. After removing the float switch from the pump unit, it is time to open the float switch housing.
Open The Switch
Unscrew the connections on the float switch. Now it should be able to detect the inside power switch. After removing the old switch, place the new one with waterproof glue. 
Let the glue completely dry before reassembling the switch and installing it in the pump.
Replace And Test
Replace And Test

Place the float switch into the pump and completely seal all previously sealed parts.

Following these easy steps, you can effortlessly replace the float switch and resolve the sump pump float stuck issue.


Check your float before a significant storm or heavy rain. It will stop your system from having the sump pump float stuck, preventing flooding in your basement and saving your home from costly water damage.

Make sure nothing can fall inside the sump pit by keeping it clean. You can have a backup sump pump if your primary sump pump is old and prone to problems, particularly sump pump float stuck.


What are the signs of a sump pump float stuck?

To test the float switch, fill the sump pit with water until the floating element rises and activates the sump pump. If the pump does not operate despite the switch being at the proper height, the switch may be defective. If not, you can manually turn on the motor by raising the switch.

To test the sump pump float stuck, you can use a multimeter!

Place a probe on the float switch wires and set it to Ohms. The float switch will likely malfunction if the readings stay the same by height.

The purpose of probes is to automatically start and stop a sump or mop pump while monitoring the slow infiltration of water into a sump. 

What is the cost of replacing a sump pump float switch?

It costs between $100 and $150 to replace a sump pump float switch. As sump pump float switches are simple to install, labor costs would be minimal. It is generally a simple task that can complete quickly and easily.

What is the durability of a float switch?

A float switch has an average useful life of 2 to 3 years. Following that, the floating elements exhibit dysfunction. This occurs when the float switches float up and down in the water over an extended period. However, this will be manageable since float switches are inexpensive and replaceable.

Is it normal to have standing water in the sump pump?

It is common to find water in the sump basin. It occurs due to rain or water starting to seep from the basement. Sump pump float switches are designed to activate when water levels reach a certain level, causing the pump to start.

Do sump pumps need to be maintained/cleaned?

Like any other home device, a sump pump requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum operation. It would be best to examine the sump pit regularly to ensure it is clean and that the float switch is working correctly. It is also critical to clean the drainage lines and test the sump pump daily.

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