How to Fix Water Coming Out of Ground in Yard

Water coming out of ground in yard is a common lawn issue caused by various reasons on your property. A clogged drain line or leaky pipe is the most frequent culprit. 

An excess of water, a leaky pipe, or other plumbing problems can lead to severe issues with the sewer line, resulting in excess water, wet grass, and septic or foundation issues. Despite how hard it may seem, you can easily handle this issue. It will help if you fix it immediately because weeds and other common pests overrun lawns. 

We’ll show you how to identify the cause of the stagnant water and fix the plumbing problems producing yard leaks in this post.

Five Signs To Identify Yard Leaks

You can detect excess water coming out of ground in yard by some undeniable signs; however, you should focus on finding the more subtle and difficult-to-find signs.

Here are five common signs to determine water coming out of ground in yards:

  • Standing water: A yard water line leak is typically indicated by standing water in the grass. Standing water in the grass might result from an underground drainage line leak, especially if it hasn’t rained recently. Look around your property for spots where water has accumulated on the surface.
  • Growth: A leak can manifest as fast-growing green grass in one yard, resulting from a sprinkler head, drainage system, septic tank, or sewer line leak. Moreover, lawns that are not evenly green indicate more water beneath the surface. A heavily green patch may also mean that a clogged drainpipe has become a fertilizer source for plants.
  • Wet spots that won’t dry: If your yard has areas that stay wet for an extended period, it may be a sign of an underground water leak. To test for waterlogged soil, stick a screwdriver or other small gardening tool into the ground at the edge of any wet areas.  A water leak may cause water coming out of ground in yard if the soil is damp several inches down. If you’ve noticed spots in your yard that seem to stay moist for a long time, this may be another sign of an underground water leak.
  • Listen for Running Water: A sewer line leak will cause a slight hissing sound, especially if the drainage system has low water pressure. Listen for water running through the pipes. An underground water line break may occur if you hear water but don’t see it.
  • Feel and Search: Try to detect any damp patches in the soil if you believe your lawn leaks. When you press down on the grass, you should be able to tell if water bubbles up from the ground.  You can use a water hose to check for breaks in the sewer line. Turn on the water and watch for damp spots on the grass. Using this method, you may detect leakage near sprinkler heads, septic tanks, or water mains.

What Are The Common Causes Of Water Coming Out Of Ground In Yard?

Water coming out of ground in yard has more causes than you suspect. Excess moisture in your yard or yard leaks can have one of the following causes:

  • Broken water line

Your lawn won’t be covered with puddles if the incoming water line breaks. You should address this problem immediately, or else you will be unable to have a decent shower due to low water pressure, and your water expenses will soar without you being aware.

  • Leaking sprinkler heads

A sprinkler system can leak either from a pipe or a sprinkler head. The flow isn’t substantial, but over time it adds up and leads to severe issues. Therefore, you need to fix Sprinkler head or backflow preventer leaks.

  • Cracked or collapsed drain lines

Raw sewage can be released into the soil through cracked or broken drain lines. These leaks are hazardous because they can contaminate groundwater and pose a health risk.

  • Damaged gutters and downspouts

If gutters and downspouts are damaged, water coming out of ground in yard accumulates in various places rather than being directed to the appropriate location. Roof drainage problems, if they exist, might be the cause if water pools rather than flows away.

  • Having a natural spring on your property

There are more natural springs in hillside areas and marine clay soil areas. Be happy because spring offers excellent environmental advantages, and you can easily take advantage of it. Spring water emerging from the ground can be a positive thing.

  • Dealing with high groundwater

High groundwater can cause soggy spots that last for months. You can identify this by reading a soil map of your area.

Look for all these common causes to check and fix the water coming out of ground in yard.

How To Fix Yard Leaks?

The method and cost of fixing water coming out of ground in yard depends on the cause of the problem. Here are some of the actions you might need to take:

  • Fix broken sewer lines

The best method to repair sewer lines leaking water into your yard is to dig down to the pipe and fix the drainage problem. A drainage pipe may sometimes leak—or even break—and require repairs. Sewer and septic line leaks may cause water to accumulate on the surface of your property, resulting in unsavory odors and health risks. 

You should act quickly and address these problems as soon as possible because they are hazardous to your health. 

Call a trenchless repair professional if you want to avoid disruptions before and after repair and damage to your landscape. 

  • Have your main water line repair

A broken main water line can be a major catastrophe. These lines are under a lot of pressure, so when a leak happens, water rushes out and creates a swamp in your yard. 

You can achieve this from the main water line near the street if the municipality supplies water. You must contact the water company if your water comes from a municipal source. If you have a private well, you must fix the problem yourself. 

The procedure is the same as in the previous case of water coming out of ground in yard. At least there is much less muck to clean up when repairing a leaky clean water line.

  • Fix your sprinkler system

A leaking sprinkler system is simple to repair once you locate the leak. It will help if you replace the broken sprinkler or pipe. Since pipes are close to the surface, you will spend less time digging, and the repair time will be shorter.

  • Redirect your natural spring

Are you diverting your property’s natural spring water? You can redirect the water away from your grass to prevent flooding. You can either turn it into a landscaping amenity or capture the runoff. 

  • Check roof drainage

Have you ever cleaned your gutters? Is your ladder nearby? It would help if you climbed up and thoroughly checked your channels for debris. Leaves, dead animals, and dirt can all build up there and result in water coming out of ground in yard. Your gutters will no longer leak water onto your lawn once water is redirected.


Having water yard leaks is a severe issue that landscaping professionals must address. It is a challenging issue that results in water coming out of ground in yard, killing seeds and plants, and damaging the soil. Since you know the various indicators for identifying this issue, don’t allow it to dominate. Use the techniques outlined above to repair the water coming out of ground in yard. 

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