Zoeller vs Wayne: Which Pump Is Better For Your Home?

Two brands consistently come out on top when choosing a sump pump – Zoeller and Wayne. Both have a strong reputation for quality and overall performance, but which is better? In this article, we compare the two to see which is more powerful; Zoeller vs Wayne. 

Zoeller pumps are made of stainless steel and reinforced thermoplastic, while Wayne pumps are cast iron and epoxy-coated steel. Both brands offer pumps with different capacities, but which one is right for you?

In this article, I’ll dig into the features of these two sump pumps and compare their power, durability, and cost to help you make the right choice. 

Zoeller vs Wayne: Quick Comparison Table

Build QualityHighHigh
Price Range$100 to $300$100 to $400
Horsepower¼ HP to 1 HP¼ HP to 1 HP
Most Popular PumpZoeller M98 Wayne WSS30V

Zoeller vs Wayne: Overall Ratings

9.6Expert Score

Ease of Installation

9.3Expert Score

Ease of Installation

Zoeller vs Wayne: Power Comparison

One of the main things to consider when buying a new sump pump is its power. This will determine, in part, how much water it can pump out of your basement. Most sump pumps are around 1/3 or 1/2 HP. 

The most common pumps are 1/3HP because they are inexpensive and powerful enough for most applications. 1/2 HP pumps are more powerful but have a higher price tag. The power of a sump pump measures gallons per minute (GPM). The size of the sump pump determines the size of the pump and motor. 

Zoeller vs Wayne both offer a wide variety of models. Below, I’ll compare each brand’s most potent sump pump to compare their power. 


Zoeller’s most potent sump pump is the 1/2 HP model 508. It can pump up to 26 GPM and use it in any application.


Wayne’s most potent sump pump is the 1/2 HP CDU800. This pump can use up to 21 GPM in any application. Although both are excellent models, Zoeller has a little edge over Wayne in terms of power.

Zoeller vs Wayne: Durability Comparison

A long-lasting sump pump is necessary for every home. Otherwise, you may need to replace it every few years. Sump pumps are open to harsh conditions like standing water and debris. Therefore, it’s essential to find a model that builds to last

Zoeller and Wayne offer durable sump pumps; Below, I’ll compare each brand’s most durable sump pump.


Zoeller’s most durable sump pump is the 1/3 HP Zoeller M53. It features a corrosion-resistant cast iron construction and can also use this pump in sub-freezing temperatures. 


Wayne’s most durable sump pump is the CDU980E. This pump features a corrosion-resistant cast iron construction.

Since everybody considers durability before purchasing, Wayne is a fantastic model, but Zoeller came out on top regarding durability.

Zoeller vs Wayne: Cost Comparison

Another thing to consider when buying a sump pump is its cost. Sump pumps come in a variety of different price points. Depending on the size and features, sump pumps can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

Zoeller vs Wayne offers a wide variety of models to suit various budgets. Below, I’ll compare each brand’s most expensive sump pump to compare their cost.


Zoeller sump pumps are typically more expensive than others in the market. The Zoeller M53 one-third horsepower costs $170, whereas the Zoeller M98 costs $263. The distinction lies in the materials used and the testing quality.  


Wayne has a more significant assortment of low- to medium-price pumps, ideal for renters or homeowners requiring a pump. While the pumps lack the advanced features and motor protection of Zoeller versions, they are nevertheless a fantastic value for money. 

The Waterbug, which costs less than $100 and is a viable option for low-income homeowners, is one of Wayne’s most popular pumps.

The Zoeller pump costs more than the Wayne pump. Although prices fluctuate often, it’s 30% to 40% more expensive at their usual rate. That’s quite substantial.

Despite the significant price difference, both pumps have received excellent quality scores from their users.

Zoeller vs Wayne: Pros and Cons 

Are you trying to decide between a Zoeller or a Wayne pump for your home? If so, you’re in luck. Both Zoeller vs Wayne pumps offer a wide range of pros and have few cons. Let’s check them out:


  • Zoeller pumps are known for their efficiency and reliability.
  • They’re designed to last for years and require little maintenance. 
  • They also tend to be quieter sump pumps than other models, making them an excellent choice for households with noise-sensitive neighbors. 
  • Not all models come with backup pumps or alerts.

Zoeller is a great brand to look into when looking for a sump pump because their pumps are built to last for years.


  • Wayne pumps are known for their durability. 
  • They’re constructed with quality materials and can handle high-pressure situations with ease. 
  • They also feature various convenient features, like an adjustable float switch and a digital control panel. 
  • The body is more prone to leaks than Zoeller.

Wayne is an excellent investment that may help protect your property from floods and other water damage.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference; in the discussion between Zoeller vs Wayne, where both pumps offer excellent performance and serve your home well. So take the time to research, compare the features and benefits, and decide which is right for you.

Zoeller vs Wayne: Customer Reviews

Both pumps have gotten high remarks from their users for quality and durability. Customer service has an average to increased rating for both pumps. They both are praised for their features, durability, and performance. 

Here are some common customer reviews for the popular Zoeller vs Wayne products:



Zoeller vs Wayne: My Top Picks

Both Zoeller vs Wayne offer a range of models with unique features and price points. So which sump pump model should you choose? Let’s discuss the best models of both brands.


After researching, I recommend the Zoeller M98 – an energy-efficient model with cast iron housing and stainless steel switch arm. This reliable pump is perfect for residential use and can handle up to 2,400 gallons per hour. 


If you’re looking for a more powerful option, I recommend the Wayne WSS30V – a heavy-duty, professional-grade sump pump that can handle up to 3,000 gallons per hour. This model also features a corrosion-resistant thermoplastic housing and a vertical float switch for reliable operation. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable sump pump, consider the Zoeller M98 or the Wayne WSS30V. With either model, you can indeed have a durable, long-lasting pump. 

Zoeller vs Wayne: Factors to consider before buying

When you buy a sump pump, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider when buying a sump pump. This will help you select the best pump for your needs.

1. Sump pump power

As we discussed above, the power of a sump pump is essential. It will determine how much water the pump can handle. Most sump pumps are around 1/3 or 1/2 HP. 

The most common pumps are 1/3HP because they are inexpensive and powerful enough for most applications.

2. Sump pump head height

The head height of a sump pump refers to the distance between the sump pump and the water line. You’ll want to select a pump with a head height shorter than your water line. 

3. Sump pump type 

There are two types of sump pump designs: submersible and non-submersible. Submersible pumps sit below the water line and are usually used in flooded or basement areas with standing water. Non-submersible pumps sit above the water line.

So when choosing between Zoeller vs Wayne sump pumps, take your time and weigh all the factors. That way, you can make the best possible decision for your home.


Choosing the best sump pump is all about knowing what you need and finding a model that fits your needs. Zoeller vs Wayne may appear similar, but there are a few distinctions to be aware of. 

Wayne is the one for you if you want an affordable sump pump. On the other hand, if you want an efficient and durable sump pump, I suggest going with Zoeller. 

I hope this article has helped you understand the differences between these two sump pump brands. With this information, you can select the best sump pump.


What are the differences between Zoeller and Wayne sump pumps?

Zoeller and Wayne sump pumps help to remove water from sump pits, but Zoeller pumps are generally more durable and reliable than Wayne pumps. Zoeller pumps are also often more expensive than Wayne pumps.

Which brand should I choose for my sump pump or sewage pump?

Zoeller and Wayne are reputable brands, but I believe Zoeller may be the better choice if you prioritize durability and reliability. However, your choice should also depend on your specific needs and budget. 

What is the warranty on Zoeller and Wayne pumps?

Zoeller pumps typically come with a 3-5 year warranty, while Wayne pumps usually come with a 1-3 year warranty. However, the exact length and terms of the warranty can vary depending on the specific model and place of purchase.

What are some common features of Zoeller and Wayne pumps?

Some typical features of Zoeller and Wayne pumps include automatic on/off switches, cast iron or stainless steel construction, and various horsepower options. Zoeller pumps also often feature a built-in check valve and thermal overload protection.

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