Wayne ESP25 Review: Is This Worth Your Investment?

If you’re looking for a battery-powered sump pump, then this Wayne ESP25 review is for you.

In case of a power outage during a heavy storm, it is crucial to have a battery-powered pump that switches on automatically or a bucket to keep your basement from flooding. The Wayne ESP25 is a reliable solution many homeowners overlook until they experience their first flood and seek a backup plan.

But with so many battery-powered pumps on the market, is the Wayne ESP25 worth the investment? In this Wayne ESP25 review, I’ll explain the features, benefits, costs, pros, and cons of using Wayne ESP25 to help determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Pump Specifications 

Float TypeVertical
Cord6’ Cord
Motor¼ HP
Capacity2,300 GPH
Weight20 lbs
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
PerformanceKeeps basement dry for hours
PriceCheck out on Amazon

Wayne ESP25 Review: Overview

The Wayne ESP25 is a highly efficient battery-powered sump pump designed to remove water from basements or crawl spaces without electricity. It is the perfect solution for homeowners who reside in flood-prone locations or frequently face power outages.

What I love the most about this sump pump is its powerful battery backup, which allows it to pump up to 2700 gallons of water per hour. Also, it has an audio alarm that warns homeowners when the battery is running low, or the pump is malfunctioning.

9.3Expert Score
Wayne ESP25

Ease of Installation

Wayne ESP25 Review: Features 

For homeowners seeking to prevent water damage to their basements, consider the Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump. Following are some of the Wayne ESP25’s main features and specifics:

  • 1/3 horsepower: The Wayne ESP25 has a 1/3 horsepower motor capable of pumping up to 2700 gallons of water per hour, making it suitable for most residential basements.
  • Float switch: The Wayne ESP25 features a vertical float switch that ensures reliable and automatic operation. The switch is adjustable so that you can set it to the desired water level, and it will automatically turn on and off as needed.
  • Battery backup system: The Wayne ESP25 has a battery backup system that provides up to 26 hours of continuous pumping during a power outage. The battery is rechargeable and can easily be replaced if necessary.
  • Alarm system: The Wayne ESP25 features an alarm system that alerts you when the battery is low or there is a pump problem. The alarm is audible and visible, so you can quickly identify any issues.
  • Check valve: A check valve on the Wayne ESP25 prevents water from returning to the sump basin after being pumped away. This helps to prevent flooding and ensures that the pump operates efficiently.
  • Automatic operation: When the water level reaches a specified point, the Wayne ESP25 is set to activate automatically. This eliminates the need to turn the pump on and off manually.

Overall, the Wayne ESP25 is a well-designed and reliable sump pump packed with features that make it a top choice for homeowners. 

Wayne ESP25 Review: Performance and Pumping Capacity 

The Wayne ESP25 provides reliable and efficient pumping, even in the most challenging conditions. Here’s what you can expect from the performance and pumping capacity of the Wayne ESP25:

  • Pumping Capacity: The Wayne ESP25 can pump up to 2700 gallons of water per hour, making it suitable for most residential basements. It can also pump water up to 20 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally.
  • Automatic operation: The Wayne ESP25 features a vertical float switch that ensures intuitive and reliable operation. The switch is adjustable so that you can set it to the desired water level, and it will turn on and off as needed.
  • Efficient pumping: The Wayne ESP25 is highly efficient, with a low amp draw that helps to conserve battery life. It also has a unique check valve that helps to reduce water hammer and improve overall efficiency. This means your pump will use less energy and run more smoothly, saving your pocket on energy bills in the long run.

Overall, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump is a high-performance pump designed to provide reliable and efficient pumping, even in the most challenging conditions.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Battery Life and Backup Power Options

Wayne ESP25 has a 75Ah battery that provides up to 26 hours of continuous pumping during a power outage. The battery is rechargeable, and you can easily replace it if necessary.

It also has a charger that ensures the battery is always ultimately charged and ready to go. The charger is energy-efficient and won’t drive up your electricity bill. Additionally, the Wayne ESP25 features an alarm system that alerts you when the pump battery is low or there is a pump problem. 

Wayne ESP25 Review: Installation and Maintenance

The Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump is easy to install and maintain. Its plug-and-play design allows you to install it yourself without needing a professional plumber. 

It comes with a pre-assembled pump ready to install right out of the box, and it also includes a detailed user manual that walks you through the installation process step-by-step.

Regarding maintenance, I found it easy to maintain. You’ll need to check the battery regularly to ensure it’s charged and replace it every 3-5 years, depending on its condition. 

You may also need to clean or replace the pump’s parts occasionally, but this is a relatively simple process that you can do with essential tools.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Troubleshooting Tips

Many homeowners opt for the ESP25 as a backup sump pump because of its simple installation and maintenance. However, it still requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

Choose a 40 amp battery

It is important to remember that for the backup pump to function correctly, it requires a 12-volt deep-cycle battery connection. Without this connection, the backup pump will not work during a power outage when the AC pump is not functional. 

I suggest choosing a 40 or 75-amp capacity battery, as larger batteries may not fit in the designated battery box. The recommended battery size is 27-frame.

Use a silent check valve

My suggestion for the ESP25 is to opt for a silent check valve instead of a regular one. This will effectively eliminate the familiar noise of “thunk!” or “clunk!” often heard with the traditional hammer check valves when the sump pump shuts down.

Test your pump regularly

Develop a routine of testing your ESP25 every month. Since this is a secondary mechanical tool installed in a basement and often overlooked, it’s essential to conduct regular checks to ensure it functions properly. This will prevent surprises during usage, such as a malfunctioning sump pump.

Install a separate water alarm

I suggest getting a basic water alarm like the Basement Watchdog and installing it in your sump pit higher than the backup float switch. This way, if the water level rises, the main float switch activates the AC sump pump, and if there is a power outage, the backup float switch triggers the DC pump to start. 

If the DC pump fails to work or cannot keep up with the water, the water will reach the alarm sensor, indicating that you must go to the basement. 

Wayne ESP25 Review: Noise Level

In terms of decibels, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump produces a noise level of around 70-80 dB, equivalent to the sound of a vacuum cleaner or a busy street. 

Wayne ESP25 comes with a noise-reducing cover that helps to dampen any sound produced during operation. This cover is designed to fit snugly over the pump and is made of durable, long-lasting, high-quality materials.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Pros and Cons 

Wayne ESP25 comes highly recommended. Here are some of the pros and cons of this Battery-Powered Sump Pump:

  • The Wayne ESP25 pump is highly efficient compared to other pumps of comparable prices.
  • It uses only about 10 amps of power, allowing it to complete tasks up to four times faster than comparable models.
  • It is reliable for protecting your home for an extended period, although there is no definite guarantee on the lifespan of any pump.
  • The smart charge feature allows quick charging, and the power saver battery enables a long runtime. 
  • Its thermoplastic body ensures waterproofing and usability in any condition.
  • It operates quietly, regardless of its power consumption.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It includes an alarm system that alerts you to issues with your sump pump.
  • Battery life and performance may vary depending on the size and condition of your battery.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, less than other sump pumps on the market.
  • Some customers have experienced issues with the pump’s battery life, performance, or float switch.

Despite the drawbacks, Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump is a solid choice for homeowners who want a reliable backup sump pump to keep their basements dry during power outages and heavy rainfall.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Warranty

The Wayne ESP25 battery-powered sump pump comes with a limited warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing under normal use and service. If the product fails due to a covered defect, Wayne will repair or replace the product free of charge.

It is worth noting that the warranty does not cover overuse, misuse, or poor installation. Additionally, it does not cover any damages or expenses related to removing or replacing a defective product.

Registering the product with Wayne within 30 days of purchase is advisable to guarantee that the warranty is still in effect. You can do this by filling out the warranty registration form provided with the product or by registering online on Wayne’s website.

To claim the warranty, you will need to provide proof of purchase and contact Wayne customer support. They will guide you through returning the faulty unit for repair or replacement.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Certifications

In case of a power outage or primary pump failure, homeowners can have peace of mind with the Wayne ESP25 battery backup sump pump. This pump has been certified by various organizations that test and certify products for safety and performance.

One such organization is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which has certified the Wayne ESP25 for safety and electrical performance. This means that the pump has been rigorously tested and meets safety standards for home use.

Another organization that has certified the Wayne ESP25 is the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The NSF certifies products for safety and performance related to public health, such as ensuring that the materials used in the pump are safe for drinking water.

In addition to these certifications, the Wayne ESP25 also meets various industry standards for sump pumps, including the standards set by the Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association (SSPMA)

Overall, the certifications and standards met by the Wayne ESP25 battery backup sump pump demonstrate its safety, performance, and reliability. I trust this pump to protect my home from flooding and water damage during a power outage or primary pump failure.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Cost

The cost of a Wayne ESP25 can vary depending on where you purchase it from and whether or not there are any sales or promotions currently available. On average, a Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump typically costs anywhere from $300 to $400.

It’s crucial to remember that even while the initial cost of this pump may seem excessive, it can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in potential water damage to your property.

When comparing prices, it’s also essential to consider the additional installation costs and necessary accessories or features. Some suppliers may offer package deals that include installation or other equipment, so it’s vital to research and compare prices from multiple sources before purchasing.

Overall, the cost of a Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump is a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to protect their homes from potential water damage.

Wayne ESP25 Review: Customer Reviews

The Wayne ESP25 has received mostly positive reviews from customers and experts alike. Many customers have praised the pump for its powerful performance and reliable battery backup. Some customers have also noted that the pump is easy to install and maintain.

However, there have been a few complaints about the pump’s noise level, with some customers noting that it can be quite loud during operation. There have also been reports of the battery failing after only a few months of use.

Wayne ESP25 Review: How Does ESP25 Compare To WSS30V?

When comparing the ESP25 and the WSS30V, it is essential to note that the ESP25 does not come with the CDU800, which is powered by AC. The WSS30V is more versatile as it combines the CDU800 and ESP25 pumps into one device. 

The ESP25 cannot be used as a standalone unit because it requires an already-installed AC sump pump. This is because the battery power of the ESP25 would deplete if used continuously. 

If an AC-powered sump pump is unavailable, I recommend purchasing a separate one or a combined AC-DC unit, such as the Wayne CDU980E or the Wayne WSS30V. These are the best options under $200 and $400, respectively.

Is the Wayne ESP25 Worth the Investment?

So, is the Wayne ESP25 Battery Sump Pump worth the investment

Yes, it is. The Wayne ESP25 is a top-performing sump pump packed with features that make it a reliable and efficient choice for homeowners looking to protect their basements from water damage. 

Its battery backup system ensures that it will continue to pump water even during power outages, and its high pumping capacity makes it suitable for most residential basements.

While the Wayne ESP25 is relatively expensive compared to other sump pumps on the market, its high-quality construction and reliability make it a wise investment for homeowners looking to protect their homes. 

The investment in a sump pump is minimal compared to the potential cost of water damage repairs, so it’s smart to invest in a high-quality sump pump like the Wayne ESP25.

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It is evident from this Wayne ESP35 review that this battery backup system is one of the most effective sump pumps available. The sump pump’s reliable battery backup ensures complete protection from water problems in your home, providing peace of mind during harsh weather conditions. 

It efficiently cleans wet basements and is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable sump pump. If you are looking for a DC backup instead of an AC pump, Wayne WSS30V is a good alternative. 


What is the Wayne ESP25?

The Wayne ESP25 is a high-capacity battery backup sump pump designed to provide reliable protection against basement flooding. It can pump up to 2700 gallons per hour, and it features an energy-efficient design that helps to reduce electricity costs.

What kind of battery does the Wayne ESP25 use?

The Wayne ESP25 uses a 75-amp-hour deep-cycle marine battery to provide long-lasting backup power. The battery is sold separately and can easily be installed in the compartment on top of the sump pump.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on the amount of use and the size of the battery. The Wayne ESP25 can operate on a fully charged battery for up to 26 hours, which may vary depending on the conditions.

How does the Wayne ESP25 work?

The Wayne ESP25 automatically turns on when the primary pump fails or there is a power loss. It has innovative charging technology that keeps the battery fully charged and ready to use, and if the battery runs out, the pump switches back to the primary power source on its own.

What are some common complaints about the Wayne ESP25?

Some customers have reported issues with the pump failing to turn on or off correctly or experiencing problems with the float switch. However, these complaints are relatively rare.

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