Sump Pump Dripping Noise? Causes & 4 Easy Ways To Stop It

Are you tired of hearing the sump pump dripping noise? Don’t worry since many folks have similar issues! Luckily, there are some practices you can perform to prevent the problem of the sump pump dripping noise. 

This article will review the causes and easy ways to stop the sump pump dripping noise.



1. Why do sump pumps make a lot of noise?

Sump pumps can produce a lot of noise due to their powerful engines and pump out water fast. The machine works hard to move the vast volume of water, which might result in a loud noise when it spins quickly. 

2. What can damage a sump pump?

Many factors cause sump pumps to be damaged, such as flooding, debris, power outages, poor maintenance, and age-related wear and tear. Poor installation—for example, if the pump is positioned too shallowly or improperly secured—can also lead to damage.

3. Can you leave a sump pump on all the time?

No, it is not advisable to leave a sump pump running constantly. Sump pumps should only be used when water accumulates around your home’s foundation and should be turned off after the water level has dropped.

What leads to the sump pump dripping noise?

Sump pumps are essential for preventing flooding, and routine maintenance and inspections can help to extend their life and effectiveness. Nonetheless, sump pumps can sometimes encounter problems, such as sump pump dripping noise, which you can simply resolve. 

A variety of factors can cause a sump pump dripping noise. Let us go over a few of them one by one:


Defective valve

A defective valve is most likely a reason for a sump pump dripping noise. Since this vital sump pump component manages the water flow, it might generate excessive water flow if it fails, leading to the sump pump dripping noise. Thus, if the valve is damaged, it must be changed to cease the sump pump dripping sounds.


Faulty gasket


A faulty gasket is another source of the sump pump dripping noise. The gasket is responsible for sealing the pump to the basin. If you hear a sump pump dripping noise, you can inspect the gasket to verify whether it is in good shape. 

The gasket must be changed if it is cracked, damaged, or torn. Repairing the gasket immediately is critical since it might allow water to seep and harm your property. 


Clogged basin

A faulty or clogged basin is the typical cause of a sump pump dripping noise. The basin is the container where the sump pump is located, collecting any water pushed from the basement. 

If the basin is full of trash or anything is preventing water from exiting the basin,- a sump pump dripping noise might produce. You may need to clean it or remove anything obstructing the water from leaving the basin if it is full of debris. Also, You should inspect the basin for leaks or damage – if it is damaged, you may need to replace it.


Float switch malfunction

The float switch regulates the quantity of water in the sump pump, and if it fails, it can lead to a sump pump dripping noise. A blocked filter, a defective pressure switch, a damaged float switch, or a faulty control board might all be to blame. You’ll need to check the system and fix the float switch to figure out what’s causing the sump pump dripping noise.


Discharge line


An obstruction in the discharge line is the final probable source of sump pump dripping noises. The discharge pipe is responsible for transporting water out from the sump pit. 

Water might back up if it becomes clogged, generating a sump pump dripping noise. The issue may be resolved by cleaning the drain line, increasing the flow rate, and allowing your basin to drain faster.

You may effectively fix the issue by looking into the causes of the sump pump dripping noise and taking appropriate action toward it.

5 easy ways to stop the sump pump dripping noise

Are you tired of hearing the sump pump dripping? It can be annoying and disturb your peace. But don’t worry; here are five fast fixes to reduce or stop the sump pump dripping noise.


Check water level


The first easy solution is to check the sump pump’s water level. If the water level is too high, it may create a sump pump dripping noise. You can empty part of the water. If the water level is too low, you can add extra water.


Clean the sump pump

The sump pump can get blocked with dirt or silt over time. As a result, the pump may become loud and begin to dribble. You may solve this problem by cleaning the mud and debris using a garden hose.


Change the impeller

The impeller is the component of the pump that forces water from the sump. If it becomes broken or worn, the pump may become loud and begin to dribble. If required, replace the impeller.


Install a check valve 

Is the sump pump dripping noise into the basin? Consider installing a check valve to lessen the sump pump dripping noise. A check valve allows water to flow in one direction but prevents it from returning. 


Install a basin cover

If you cannot stop the sump pump dripping noises, the ultimate option is to install a basin cover, but this is only a temporary fixation tip. 

One of the most efficient ways to soundproof your sump pump is to use an airtight sump pump basin cover that fits snuggly around your sump pit and has a gasket to assist in establishing an airtight seal. 

These are five simple fixes to the sump pump dripping noise. If none of these solutions work, then you should get professional help. You may get rid of it quickly and simply if you use the right solution.

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Wrapping up 

A sump pump dripping noise is common, but it may be irritating. Only in a few circumstances the sump pump needs to be replaced entirely. However, addressing the fixation tips can reduce or eliminate the sump pump dripping noise. 

Moreover, knowing the cause allows you to pinpoint the area that needs attention.

We hope you found this blog post informative; if so, kindly share it with your friends and leave your views in the comments box. 

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